Hand-made AlogO sweets .

Our hand-made AlogO sweets have now been around for almost 22 years. You can read here that these sweets are even obviously addictive:

“Dear AlogO,
 How could you do this to us? After many years of abstinence an AlogO employee brought three sweet bags along last week. Some of the colleagues in the know carefully took a sweet, probably to test whether they are still manufactured at a consistently high quality. The younger ones who didn’t yet know the taste of the sweets made a grab for them and after briefly testing them you could see by their wide grins that they wouldn’t be able to resist them again. Just like happened to us older ones many years ago......
The stocks are rapidly declining. Time and time again we can see colleagues getting into conversation in the middle of the office in order to risk dipping into the sweet bowl at the same time. No doubt one or more sweets were removed and taken home for the whole family to taste....
It was with fear in their eyes that some viewed the remaining sweets.
That is why I am now contacting you confidently. At the present moment in time I am not able to let the supplies go. The sweets still available are just simply not enough to wean all colleagues off them slowly. And now my question to you: is there any chance of being graced with another delivery? Alternatively I would gladly made enquiries with the manufacturer so that we don’t fall into drug-related crime when we display future signs of addiction and have to break into your warehouse. I’m sure everybody here would be pleased to receive a reply (from our dealer).“
(email from a customer)

You don’t know our AlogO sweets yet? Your AlogO sweet glass is empty and you need more supplies? No problem – a call or an E-Mail will suffice and the pleasure will be yours.

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